Stone Problems

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Some common stone and brick problems where we can provide professional expertise are:

Stonework corrosion


Sulphur dioxide formed by burning high-sulphur fossilised fuel is damaging to limestone and other similar stone materials. The sulphur dioxide emitted into the air mixes with rainwater and falls as very weak sulphuric acid. Over many years, this can be disastrous.

While the rate of corrosion on structurally used stone may be very slow, a centimetre a century can make a massive difference!

We can work to reconstruct and repair your damaged stonework to blend in with existing stone.

Pointing problems

Pointing Problems

Mortar Pointing and Re-Pointing is required when the existing mortar joints break down and start to crumble away, causing holes in the brickwork which can lead to structural damage.

The joints usually break down due to extreme temperature exposure, water ingress or weak lime mortar, or from climbing plants such as ivy. We are experts at re-pointing and the professional repair process involves removing the remaining joints to a depth of approximately 30mm and adding new mortar in to the match the existing mortar or lime joints.

Cracks in Brick and Stone

There are 3 key reasons for cracks in walls

Subsidence cracks

Subsidence Cracks

Common in areas of clay, subsidence happens when the ground on which the property stands can no longer hold its weight - often because the foundations of the property are not substantial enough. Subsidence can be caused by drying out of the ground by certain types of tree (Leylandii, Weeping Willow, etc) or by cracked water or drain pipes causing changes in soil moisture content.

Thermal / Seasonal cracks

Thermal cracks

Changes in temperature can cause and seasonal shifts in ground moisture content can cause the ground to dry out and become wet repeatedly which can cause cracks to open and close. Also raised and lowered temperatures and humidity can cause walls to expand and contract which can cause cracking.

Settlement cracks

Settlement Cracks

Most common in new buildings, or changes, settlement cracks occur as bricks and building materials dry out over time and shrink. Above a window or door, the crack could be caused by a small amount of settlement.

Whatever type of crack, the appearance of it can tell you a lot - if the crack is dirty and weathered, it could be old and any movement has long since stopped. If fresh and clean it could be a sign of recent movement and a problem that needs urgent resolution.

Swan Restoration can advise on such repairs, whether structural or aesthetic although we may often advise that a full professional survey be conducted to ensure that the cause of the cracking is resolved before any other work is started.

Tuck Pointing repairs

Settlement cracks

Settlement Cracks

In order to maintain the historical integrity of special buildings, often if 50% or more of the existing pointing is good quality, we can perform repairs to the remainder of the tuck pointing to bring it all up to excellent standard, ensuring the historical character remains.

Crumbling masonry

Crumbling Masonry

Crumbling bricks can be a massive problem and affect the structural integrity of your property. The only solution (that is aesthetically acceptable) is to completely replace the brick or stone. At Swan Restoration, we have years of experience of such repairs to ensure that the repair is hardly noticeable and the structural strength of the building is restored.

Salt crystallisation

Salt Crystallisation

Where the original mortar or bricks had a high salt content, moisture over a long period of time can cause the bricks to display a white (but could also be yellow, green or brown) powdery coating (called efflorescence). The best remedy for this is to brush or scrape away the salt and no long lasting harmful effects should be experienced. If you are worried about salt crystallisation, Swan Restoration can advise on the best course of action and perform the work for you.

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